Pontoon Tools is an add-on to bring Pontoon, the Mozilla l10n application, into your browser. With the release of 3.2.0 today, I can officially announce support for Chrome and Chromium based browsers! If you haven’t installed Pontoon Tools yet, you can do so from AMO or Chrome Web Store.

As for functionality, there are not big features, but small improvements. The most notable is the introduction of the unreviewed state and some related improvements of the browser action popup. System notifications are now enabled by default, and when you click them, the related project or your team page will open.

Updated Pontoon Tools browser action popup

During the previous week, I also had the opportunity to attend Mozilla All Hands in San Francisco and meet with the l10n-drivers team. My agenda was packed by Pontoon Tools and we have agreed to start promoting it to more users this year. There are no dates yet, but you can expect more improvements and stabilization of Pontoon Tools in the next two or three months.

If you want to keep an eye on what’s planned for Pontoon Tools and get involved in the plans, check this page on MozillaWiki and the project repository.